Thursday, January 3, 2013

A day in da lyfe of me

Peeples feel bad fur me sumtimez. They tink I haff no life, dat I cant do much. So mommy told me to start writing in dis diary so peeples can see what I do. So this is what I do on a good day...

3:00-3:15am: try and wake mommy up by playing loud or bumping into stuff and coo'ing lots
3:30am: purr at mom and then go to my bed and go nappytimes
7am: stare at mommy from my bed on da floor and purr nice an loud so she wakes up
7:10am: mom puts me in my potty and goes to make me brefuss
7:15am: walk a few steps, when mom issn looking, to the kishen for brefuss
7:20am: mom piks me up and puts me in frun of my dish to eat and steadies me while i eat my brefuss.
7:30am: mom takes me to my bed and tells me to clean my paws while she gets a cloff to clean my meaty face up.
7:35am: mom comes to my bed and boffers me with a wet cloff and wipes my face and nose. uggh mom
7:50am: i take a few steps and flip flop my way to my toys while mom has a cuppa coffee (i want coffee when i grow up cuz it smells reel good!) i attack my brudders and sisser and try and chase them. A few ninja jumps and barrel rolls later and mom asks me if i wan playtime. I tell her HOW much I wanna go pay in my safe pay room.
8:30am: mommy takes me to my pay room and i purr da hole way there. Den I see all my favorite toys and I squee I am SO happy!! Mom can't put me down fass enuff cuz i see my fevver toy, an.. an.. canip socky.. an fevver fluff on a stick is there too. AND OMG RED DOT!!! RED DOT IS DERE TOO!!
9:00am: mom sez i look tired so she takes me out of safe pay room and into my bed. I cween up a bit and then go chase my brudder Knigget again. He makes funny noise at me and runs away hehe!
9:30am: iz cannap time!
12:30pm: I wakes up and stresh, and stresh, and flip flop to my scrash post and scrass a bit, and stresh some more. Den I call and look fer mom.
1:00pm: mom asks me if im hungree, i tell her YOU BET I AM!! so she makes my lunch fer me. I hear the diss an i am so hungreeee so I try an walk to da kishun cuz iss fasser if i can walk.
1:15pm: lunch is done, mom cleenz me agin. I go asplorin aroun da livin room and kishen.. well till mom blocked off da kishen. i try to go under cowshes, and hide in da closet, i try an jump on da cowsh after my brudder Knigget when he is sweepin. I practiss my sitting when mom tells me too. She sez i can be like my brudder and sisser if i keep doing cat sit.
2:30pm: i wash cartoons dat mom leevs on fer me and haff a small nap cuz cat sit essersizing makes me tired and sumtimz dizzy.
4pm: mom asks if i wanna go have paytimz, and if i feel ok den i go. If i dont feel good still i sweep for more. We do my essersizes for fizzeeoo stuffs if i pway.
5:30pm: mom saugez my neck, back an legz. it hurz sumtimz but it feelz bedder later.
6pm: sumtimz i wanna pway at this time, and sumtimz i wanna eat
7pm: daddy comes home an i try so hard to run to go see him at da door but its reel faaaaaar. I try an run and fall loss, so most timz i flip flop dere. Dad sees me an he piks me up and gives me snugglz and i give him wobbly kizzez. We snuggle fer a bit and den i go play wiff my livin room toyz, chase my big big brudder dog, go essplorin, try an get in trubble, run and hide anytime mom looks at me. hehe!
8:30pm: i try an walk to my bed to have a cannap and i go to sweep
10:30pm: dad likes to try an go to bed, but i dont wan him to so i try and keep him awake by bitin his toes, an telling him to pik me up, i fro my toyz at him, an if dat dussen keep him up den i go play turboskracher cuz its REAL loud! or or or jingle ball! Daddy hates those.
11:30pm: mom asks me if im hungree, i tell her how hungree i REALLY am cuz i had a busy day. so she gets my bedtimz snax reddy and i eat, she cleens my face and then go for paytimz or to bed. It depenns how we boeff feel.

So dats what i do eveeeday. I walk a few stepz and flippy flop to my potty all frewout da day, or if mom seez i am dizzy she puts me in it. Then she cuvers fer me if i dinnt and helpz me out if i need. Iss fun here cuz i gots toyz an brudders and a sisser. Dey arnn like my real brudder and sissers down da street but dey can be fun sumtimz.

On a bad day, i sweep alot, an i cant walk or do mush flippy flops, my eyes are reel sor, my neck spazzmz, my eers an neck get reely hot, i twish and i haff to growl loss at mom cuz she keeps chekkin on me an taking my temp (do you KNOW where that white thing GOES!?!) I luv her but geez juss leev me alone cuz i juss wanna sweep

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