Thursday, January 31, 2013

Akupunshur and Dr diagnosis

I seed my dr on Munday. She did akupunshur on me, an I wuz good but when she stucked my tail, I growled cuz it hurtid. She asplaynd it wuz a payn poin an it wood hurt fer a secun. I didn hurtid too long, she wuz right. I was good, so mommy gived me treeds when we gottid home. I got lossa scrashiz and luvs at da klinik cuz i wuz good an dey luv me an mommy loss!

I wuz sweepy from the akupunshur until tewday. So we didn werk on my fizzeeoh and stuffs. Wot happens is the needlz bring nutreentz to the bad payn playzez to help em heel. Sumtimz, yew feel kinda tyurd an yew sweep loss but yew feel so mush beddur affer all da good sweeps! So cuz of the akupunshur, my muskuls aren all tyte and stuffs now so i can mewv beddur. I doen haff what Dr callz flexers no more, whair i tenss up an leen bak. Dats good!

The Dr sed on Munday dat she is now 100% sure I has trauma/injury from fallz. I doen haff CH, or any illnezez an I never had any. She tawked to a nurolagiss an he wans to meet me. So mommy is raysing munies for me to get xrays and see the nurolagiss so we can fyne out wot happined to me and how to fix it. Mommy noze i falled off a deck on seement, and dat I was born wiff my arm lookin weerd and i didn moov it much at firs.

I am dewin mush beddur on mommys herbs an vydamins den wot Drs gived me. I can tayk steps now, an stan up fer a bit. But Dr sez cuz I am reely long iz gunna tayk me a bit to get da hang of not swingin my butt an keepin it srayt. Im werkin on it! Mommy helpz me evree day, an we werk hard. She fizzed my depf percepshun a bit an so now I can get cloows to fings an not fall over in cunfewshun.

Mom haz also been helpin anodder kitty mom wiff her super wobbly kitty who is 4. Nobuddy wood help her eevur and so mommy did an da kitty is doing stuffs she haz nebber dun beefor! Iz grate news. Mom will updayt an shair her story sumtimz soon.

iz cannap tyme wiff my brudder now.


  1. look forward to reading more about you and your brother... kudos to your mom for providing such a good home.

  2. Merida, you and mommy are working so well together! The videos of you stalking your sibling are fantastic! Keep it up, little girl. You're doing great!


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