Thursday, January 10, 2013

A liddul abowt me

Dear diaree,

Mom sed I needa do dis, but i jus wanna go pway. So... I wanid to share wiff you all what i likes! I noe u wash my videe ohs but deres lossa owrs you don see.

i likes toys:
fuzzee mousees with fevvers, da reel sof mousees dat make shakur noiz!
anyfwing wiff fevvers
plassic stuffs to get my noms on cuz i luvs chewin
mos anyfwing fuzzee dat as shakur noiz
i chewed my big big brudders kong bown yesserday. NOMMY! i wan one
pullsring toys dat mewv like my ladeebug. she jidders and i chays her
sparkul balls are so purdy and taess good too!
turbow scrasser wiff lite up ball

i likes food/treass:
raw white meet
sweet potatoh
broff in chikun or turkee

i dun like:
normul cats treez YUK
freez dry liver snax YUK
nashurul cat treez
red meet YUK
water GET IT (i dun noe why mom keepz tryin fer me to drink it)
i really dun like any bowing toys, they haz to be fun!

So now yew know wot i likes and dun likes. Time to updayt!

Mom haz to kleen my eers twise a week. My rite eer gets vewy dirty and fros my balans off so den i alwayz wanna fall bakwerdz. I hayt it, but iz ok layder cuz then i dun fall so much.She tol me she is gonna do dat today. Oh maaannn..

The Dr maled mommy an sed dat i dun haff to take medsin anymoar if it makz me dat bad. I feelz ok but mad. I growled loss just cuz she tushes me. Den i peed all ovur cuz everywun shood noe this is MY houz! Mom didn like dat everee nite at midnite. Then she gave me baffs and hadda snugglz me for me to dry for tew hours. So the Dr is gettin me chineez herbs for inflamashun to try, but she sez they tayss really yuky!

I am heeting again. It was pretend befor, but now i am heeting fer reel. I am quiet, which mommy likz, but i pee on the floors loss. Sumtimz iz an assident and sumtimz i do it so boyz can fine me. I haff spazms in my lower tummy and they reely hurt! It duzzen happen mush, only when i need to potty. Mom sez we will fizz that sumtimz when we noe if i am ok to fizz it.

Mommy is giving me my herbs again she did befor and i like them cuz they make me feel reel good. I made shur mom wazzn lookin and i took 7 steps laz night affer she gived me cami meal. I had a good sweep lass nite too! Dad izn arownd mush and I miss him, i tried to snugglz his feets lass nite but he wuz sweepin and i gots no snugglz, so i wuz sad. Dad werks loss, an wen he comes home at nites he is tired. He leff wiffout sayin bye yesserday and i was so mad i wen to da door and i peed by his swetter.

Mommys mahsawges are real nice. Shez been doin longur on me an it makz me sweepy, but when i wakes up i can do stuffs! I get essited and try to run, but i fall loss still. Mommy found a masheen that she can yews on me to help mahsawge me and strengfin my musslz. Iz spensive she sayz but cuz you guyz donate for my Dr, she saved for 3 munz and she can buy me this to help me. Iz $250. She is tryin to fine me a pwaypen, a big one so i can go crazy ninja style and not hurt mysef so maybe no more bumps on my headz I will get bettur agin like before. I cant be in safe room no moar alown cuz i eatted the floor blankey, and den i tryed to eat the foam unner da blankey. Mom duzzen wan me to haff to haf sergree so i can't be by myself no moar in there.

Mom talked to the Dr about the xrayz too and they sed $200 before but now they say cloz to $400 cuz the place i have to go haz to assess me befor we do xrays cuz my Dr duzzen have a masheen to do it. mom sez dis will help us see my back to make shur iz ok.

Well iz cannap time now before lunsh. *yawn* *stretch* yep its cannap time.

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