Thursday, January 24, 2013

All da medkul stuffs

So mommy took charguh and she tole my dr dat she dun wan me on more chineez herbs cuz dey doen werk. My dr sed it wuz ok fer mommy to do it her way agin. So mommy givz me wot she gived me before wen nobodee wood help her an I feel bettur so far! Did yew see how i can wok beturs??

mommy still helpz me wiff my fizeeoh, an we do playtimez, an mahsaugz too. Sumtimz i hated mahsaugz cuz it hurtz and i noe mom doez it nyce, but it still hurtz an so i runned away. I was too sored dis week fer lots of mahsaugz but mom sez at lease 2 timz a week it haz to be.

i falled backwerdz yesserday when i wuz goin pottys an i hurtid my low bak. Mom mahsauged it lass nite, but iz stil kinda sor. I am kinda skared of pottys now. So i peed on da floor today. Mom sez she knowed we wuz men to be cuz she haz a bisel littul green masheen. hehe, moms funny!

i haven gotted my udder new toyz in da mail yet. mom ordered me fortee dawlerz of toyz! I am real esssited!

I see Dr on munday for my acupunshur. I like dat cuz I gets a good nap, and den i git to pway ninja wen i wakes up. I feel reel good! Dr wans to do xrays on me and i git to see a speshulest too wen mom gets the munies. mom is hopin i can walk den cuz it helps evereewun fighur ow wots wrong wiff me.

mommy gotted her masheen dat makez muskulls move. Iz for medikul for her lawsoot, so she sez we can try it on me maybe for my back legz. She wans to wate til affer acupunshur wen my muskulls aren so tite.


Aww mommy cot me eatin da lidder agin.

Now mom is gunna go mayk me sum dinnerz!

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