Monday, February 18, 2013

Doenayshuns dun fer now!

I haz been seepin loss. I had heets for a long tym, an den mommy wuzun feelin good. We haff been jus seepin and payin heer and dere. I haff spazms agin so I need akupunshur agin soon.
Mom sez we goss enuff fer my xrayz an speshulus. Good mews! So dis week mom is hoepin we get me in. Wiff xrayz we can see if i can ged spayded an if my showdur is ok from wen i wuz borin. Mom sez i limpt, she is prolly rite. I dont amembur. Dr sez if xrayz show stufs that iz a good chans dat it can be fixd wiff surgrees.
I am gunna see a speshulus too, an he will tell me if i haff stuffs like menygitis. My dr tawkd to him an he is veree eggcitd to see me. He wans to help me if he can, an he was hapee mom savd me. Heer wair i liff, kiddys who wobbul get da big seep. Mom wown asplane dis to me. But he sez iz rair for kiddeez who wobbul to be seed by drs, aspeshuly a speshulus. He cant wayt to see me.
I wan to say fank yew to everee wun. Me an mommy coodnt dew dis wiffout all of yew. Fank yew SO mush! Mom howps to feel beddur soon to mayk stuffs for yew all.
Iz snaktym now, den moar cannapin!

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