Thursday, February 7, 2013

Howz im doin?

Iz been a liddle ruff. I gots akupunshur and den I wuz so tyrd and I slep for free HOLE dayz! I gotted up an eated an got snugglz frum mom, but i wuz so tyrd, oh my! Afur all da seepin, I fell so good dat I playd too hard an hurted my hips frum bein ninja. But iz ok cuz mom has herbs for dat and dey mayk me feel beddur real fass too! Mom kep tryin to get me on kamra wen i wuz playin, but i fewld her cuz i playd loss in da dark so she cooden get me on the kamra. nyah nyah mommy!

Dis week i got lossa mail too! i gotted more toys wiff fedders and cannip, an i got a kiddy kong.  It haz samun skwishy stuffz in it, and itz so yummmmy. I jus lik it, but mom sez i am aspose to play wiff it or sumfin. I dunno. I gotted a chek too for moneez for my xrayz, an a kewt pohscard too!

Mom wuzen feelin good yeserday and a bit of tewday so we didn play mush, but i playd by myself and kep her up lass nite. hehe! Den tewday mom and dad had to tayk my big big brudder in cuz his eyes get weard. he gess asited an one eye goews big an da udder one goews reel small. He got lossa tess dun, an mom sed he wuz az good az me! He sittd still an dey evun putd paypurr in his eyes an lef it dere like furevur! I woodn waun paypurr in MY eye! He got treez wen he gottd howm, OF CORS. Mom sed he didn haff to shair, i tryd to get him to shair but he woodn. He can be so meen sumtymz.

Tewday we did lossa fizzeeoh to mayk up for loss dayz mom sez. So i am reel tired now thad i had my afurnewn snak an playd cannip an fedder ball wen mom wuz dewin dishz. Mom sez she myt tayk my cannip away cuz it mayks me spinee. I howp not!! But i do feel not so good afur cannip. Mom sed i can go play on twidder whyl she rites emayl. yaay!

mom sez i am geddin too big fer my bedz...

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