Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mommy rant

I noe mom luvs me, but geeeeeez! She wown lemme haff playtymz wen i am dizzee, she wown feed me wen i am hungree she mayks me wayt till iz feeding tymz, she piks me up an wans to snuggul so i jus bite her fayse, she tryed this fing cawld brushin... Lemme tell you, i dowen think so!
Yesserday... She cutted my nales. My long long nales! Tewday, she putted junk in my eers, an she tryed to snuggul me affur i did dis reel grate bakwerds spin jum kik. I wuz all happee an she wuz all freekin. Like come onnnn mom. She is alwayz haffin da kamraw too, ALWAYZ!
OK, dun my rant. I luvs her, but sumtymz... Sumtymz Grrrr!

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  1. sounds like your mom is flawed. but i wouldn't give up on her yet...


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