Thursday, March 7, 2013

Iz finely tymz!

Tewmoroe is my speshulus apoinmen. I ged xrayz too! Momz egsited and so i fink i am tew! She sez it shood tell us how we can getz me beddur, if we can an if not den we will noe what to werk arownd.
I fink yew all saw i am eetin by myselvs now. Mom haz tew be neer cuz if she leefs me, i fall ovur and cry till she comez back! I dowen noe what she thinkz, leefin me all alowen. I got bord eetin in da kishen so now i eets in differunt paysus noe, da liffin rew, an hallwayz.
I finishd anuddur heets, so i seeped fer a howul week an moms been nod dewing so good an i haff been frusratyd cuz i keeps falling so i been not wantin to wok. Mom trys hard to help an i jus grrr at her, an i bitted her hard lass nite. I sed sowee an kized it beddur.
I howep it all gows good tewmorow. They haff tew giff me seepy stuffs for my xrayz, im kynda skared.

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