Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Iz diaree day! Horray!

I am gettin to likes dis more an more I fink!
Dis week haz been soooo egg siteing! I gotted new toyz mommy made fur me, i gots some of my old toyz back too! Mom founded my hockee beed ball. I waz SO happy!!!!!! =^.^= We pway ball hockee alotz now, like free or fore  timez a DAY!
Mom said i needa be practisin my spellin a bit more, but i sleeped instead. Practisin is BORRIN! She would come ovur to me an i would clows my eyez an be likez "i be sleepin". So she would go do udder stuffz MOL.
I haff been gettin to go outside too!!! I luvs to skrash da grass an OMC rolling in da dirtz is WAY fun. Mommy facepaws when i do dat, so i do it all da timez. Hehe. I dont eet much grass, iz not so nommy.
I been makin it to my potty all by myselfz almowst all da time. Sometimez when i haffa go REEL bad o haffa yell to mom to help me gets ther fast!! But mom sayz she is reely prowd of me.
I been tryin to walkz agin. *sigh* iz just so hard an i wanna go NOW to chayse an powns ya know? I am doin good cuz i can do 6 stepz an only fallz on my bum. But... I can eet BY MYSELFZ NOW! I been doin it evuryday now sins my videeoh.
We will haffa see what nex week bringz. Maybee ill be walkin!


  1. Baby! You are doing sooo good! So proud of you! Are you getting to be such a big girl. My Miu likes the grass too. I dont let her out though. Almost lost her one day and decided not to go for walks anymore.

    1. Do you gives Miu inside grass? That hadda be scarey if you losted her!

  2. Your Mommy is sooo good to you, Merida! And we love to read about your progress! Keep working hard -- especially on spelling, 'cause you'll have to take a test when you get to first grade! ;-)

  3. Ya I luvs mommy most of da times. Is it test like when I go see my Dr?


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