Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hot summer days are no fun!

I saw I missed last week an then I remembered it was cuz mom an dad were lookin at lossa places for us to liff. They still didnt get a place yet. I was locked in jails the whole time they were gone, so I couldnt get to the computer to write my diaree.

It has been too hot fur me to be outside most days. I am not happee about this because I keep tellin mom to take me out an she wont. But then she reminds me the lass time we wented out an I was panting cuz i was SO hot! When its hew mid, I sleep lots too. Mommy too! It makes us dizzy but I guess thats from the head injuries, but its ok we are nap buddies. =^.^=

Today I was just chilling because it wasn't so hot this morning. I was too tired to be doing any climbin, but I did go fur a nap in my kitty condo.

Tomorrow I get to go see my Dr. Mom thinks we should interview her too after she is done her holidays. I think evreeone should meet her because she is so grate! So ill make mom put that up after we do it. I noticed we are almost haffing 1000 furends on facebook too so I told mom we should selebrate it somehow, mom is thinking... but mom is busy too, so i might haff to just decide on my own. We will see!

... And Meow! Its lunch time! =^.^=


  1. Cool weather will come soon enough, little girl. And I hope mommy found a new place to liff!

    1. Yuos was right Cynde! It came cool again! YAAY. No place to liff yet, mom says people want too much monies than we can spend sins she cant work.


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