Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Cat Facts!

I haff had some time to think more on some cat facts, because well think about it, I sleep A LOT!

Cat Facts - The Next Chapter By Merida

1) You must wait until your human sits down an looks comfortable before you ask for ANYTHING. Do not ask when they are near the fridge, or your dish. That is just way too purrfect for them, an not us.  Iz hard to rule when you do it all fur them an not you.

2) Play IN the water dish. We do luvs water, iz like a mini fun bath an makes a nice mess they hate. Dip a paw in, shake paw off well, fall in it an run away to laugh. Drop toys in it too!

3) 3am is the purrfect time to wake up mommys or daddys. 5am is ok, but 3am is a bettur play time.

4) When they pick up up fur cuddles, purr an giff kisses... but after a bit then bite, hiss an growl. Yous dont want them to know we luvs them so much we would do anyfing fur them.

5) Black cats are natural ninjas, so some of yous might haff to find a way to be black cuz it helps fur hiding an sneak attacks on every one. Yous can roll in dirt or sumfing.

6) Even if yous like car rides, you HAFF to complain a bit. If yous dont then yous arent gonna get treats after. 

I am tryin new herbs an they are ok but they made me fall back wards some days. Mom told me we needed to put less in, she told me its a trial an error thing. But she thinks we haff it down now. Good, cuz I HATED days like that. I would be tryin to walk an just fall back wards. Not so fun, even when mom catched me most all the time. 

I been drivin mom bonkerz she says cuz when we do walkin i try an run instead MOL =^.^= I am just SO eggsited an goin slow is no fun AT ALL! I wanna run an chase Knigget an Star. I just wanna explore it all, all at once!

I need  to go hide my eers. Mom wants to clean them, an she keeps plain the same song over and over!

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