Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The new world

My heets are done now! Fank goodness!

I love this climby thing!
I saw my Dr and she only had to do 4 needuls on me this time. She used to use LOSSA needuls on me, an she would touch my tail an I growled big at her, sometimes i even hissed. NOBUDDY touches my tails. She says I am doin reel good. I haff good musculs in my legs to be walking an we gotta work on the dizzeez cuz now thats only why I fall. Sometimes the world goes round an it makes me feel pretty icky so I just wanna sleep. Mom says sleep is good cuz it makes me heel good. Mom knows best i am learning. I do what she says most times, except when its time fur bed. I HATE being in my kitty corral so I like to try an hide before she comes to grab me. A few nights I made it to my kitty condo an I wouldn't let her gets me out, haha!

The outside is reely nice now, its not so hot no more! I gots to go out yesterday, but the other day there was lossa thunder even at my 3am playtimes it went BOOM! I tried to jump off the floor onto mommys bed, but i didnt make it. Mom kissed my boo boo better an snuggled me fur a bit until it was over. It was so big it scared all of us in the house!

Star has been mean to me. She fros a ball at me loss, but then hisses at me cuz I haff her ball. She is such a princess. She hisses at big big bruddur loss to, mom says she hates everee one and thats why mommy keeped her cuz nobuddy else would want her. She luvs mommy tho, most times. Star teached me how to 'talk' to my toys now. She talks to her toys all the time when she is eeting them, I guess the bruddur I never knew Tiggy did it too. So now at 3am playtime I talk to mine when mom is tryin to sleep. Fur some reason they don't talk back tho. Well, squeeky owl does, but i dont like him cuz he doesnt taste like catnips.

I talked to mom, an she said cuz I haff 1000 furends on facebook she is proud of me an so we are going to giff away 5 bracelets an I get to write letters to the winners too! I likes this idea.

Ahhhhh, poop.. its jail time. Mom has an appoinment to go to. Its ok cuz I am sleepy now! Zzz..


  1. Well young lady, you need to take care of you Mom, also. AndI hope you get a nice, good home when you all have to leave! :)

  2. :) Hi Merida, you are such a brave little girl. You give us and our 2 kitties, Tinker and Mushkah, inspiration every day! Take care little one!


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