Friday, September 6, 2013


Things are not so good rite now. Mom gotted her medcal reports an it says she cant work ever. It says she iz never gonna be ok. She is pretty sad rite now. So I giff her kisses an luvs nibbuls. It makes her smile! =^.^=

Mom an dad haff putted me in jail lots cuz they been lookin at new homes fur us, but they all haff fizzy stuffs on the wall, or other very bad safety stuffs that could hurt us all or me espeshully. I get salmon stuffs when they come back so I am not so mad anymore hehe!

It has been reel humid here, an so that means i cant go play outside cuz i am black an will get hot reel fast. Hot makes me dizzy an sleepy too. Thats kind of why we haff no videos an stuffs cuz I sleep until its dark mostly, an we haff only half power to the house still so mom cant take videos unless she holds a flashlight, but i get dizzy if you shine lights in my eyes.

I been climbin still, i scare mom hehe. She comes from the kishen an sees me on things. Its sooooo funny! She says imma giff her a heart attack before she is 40 MOL! I been tellin mom to back off on fizzeoh too, cuz i just dont wanna no more. I am a big girl and i can do it on my own, i dont need help but she still thinks i do. We cant work on my dizzies cuz of the heat too, if we make me TOO dizzy it can last for months. Thats part of my good an bad days stuffs, sometimes i push it past the bad point. Mom calls it determined. MOL. My new medsins are ok. Iz very hard to get the right dose. But mom figured it out fur me. It helps!

I heard mom an dad talking buot bilding me a BIG scrashy climby thing! Dont tell her i know tho, i wanna be surprised if i get it. Teehee!

Do yous like my mew google profile pic?


  1. Merdia, you have to take care of Mom now.

  2. Oh, cutie pie, I wish I could make it all better for all of you! But you have your mom and she has you, and there's nothing better in the world. I hope the housing stuff gets worked out and that you and your family have a warm safe place to be soon.


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