Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Monsters before halloweens

I have been watchin the monster in my house now fur a few days. I am not sure about them yet... I dont think they are kitties like mom says. Heres why:
They dont sleep
They jump lots
They make off noises kind of like mousies
They just appear an disappear at random
They dont cuddle on the couch
They fall lots
They eat stuff that kitties shouldnt
The dog thinks they are food
They hop like bunnies lots
They move super fast
They climb on every thing
They steal my toys an hide them
They run sideways?!
I am pretty sure mom lied and these are not kitties. I will continue to take notes an see what these monsters are. All i know, is they jump over or on me and i dont like it!


  1. Oh, dear Merida. They just wanna be your pal! But I know. They can be pesky!

  2. Beat them up, Merida! LOL

  3. They tried to be my furend an I bopped em on the head. Mommy yelled :(


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