Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Moovin on up

Sleepin off dizzeez
After all the troubles we had, mommy worked hard and convinced some peepuls to let us live in their home! It took a lot of work cuz peepuls of course think i should be put to sleep cuz i probably pee all over an am messy when i eets an all the bad stuffs some pets do. Mommy keeps tellin peepuls that i dont do that stuffs cuz i am normal! So many peepuls didnt want our fur familee cuz there are so many of us an so we MUST be dirty stinky pets who ruin everything. We are very happy fur our new land lords. They are very kind peepuls who understand that there can be good pets out there no matter how many you have if you have a great mommy like mine!

Haffin some playtimes
We are almost all done moving, dad is still gettin stuffs from storage.. where ever that is. So I get kind of scared when theres big thumps again! The car ride here was long to what i am used to, so i was SO dizzee fur a few days. Its gonna be a long ride to see my Dr too from now on. A lot has changed, this can take some getting used too! BUT.. theres some good stuffs, like stairs and a patio. So now I can see outside all the time! Mom says I get around better here an faster too. I hide everytime she leaves a room MOL. She has to find me, its a fun game.
Patio, or i call it CATIO!

I tried doin stairs an it makes me dizzy but i keep wanting to try, i can do it. lots more fun stuffs to do here than my old home. I am liking this ok, but i HATE CARPET an there is SO MUCH all over this place!! Really gets my whiskurs in a bunch, I just hate the stuffs! Today is mommys burfday, so I giffed her a good pressie, I did 2 stairs BY myself an I gotted off her bed BY myselfs too. Safely, don't worry I didn't just fall down. =^.^=

Mom is gonna get me a POO box she says too, so you guys can send me stuffs cuz a lot mom gets asked fur my address and now we haff a tiny box so she has to get me my own. Ohhhh, mom says its a P O box, not POO box. MOL!!!

Oh, theres the microwave... lunch time!

xoxo Merida

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  1. Happy birthday, Merida's mommy! And so glad that you're in a new home, and everyone's safe and sound. ♡


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