Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Getting back on track

Well its taken a bit, but mom keeps makin me work an drags me away from my catio bird watching but i guess its ok. Stuff just isnt as fun anymore. 
I decided i wanted to do some stairs so mom helped me but i hate when she helps. She told me i did good cuz i did 3 by myself an didnt fall. Then i did the BIG stair by myself too!
Tomorrow i see my dr an thats good cuz im a little sore an cant walk so good again an that means my muskuls need the akupunshur to work good again. The stairs maked me dizzy too so ill be happy to see her. I get it now that she helps, she doesnt hurt me. Last time i gived her lossa kisses, she giggled cuz she was trying to work on me but i just had to show her how much i luvs her! MOL
Mom told Star she was a bad girl cuz she hissed at me, so star gived herself a time out MOL!! I had to share.


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