Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Keeping up with it all

Theres so much goin on with monsters always running about an birdies flying by, and big doggs to watch outsides too! It gets very tireding watching it all, it really does.

There are lossa birdies here, we have black ones, blue ones, red ones, and grey ones. There is even some that make honkey noises. I don't know what they all are yet, mom is trying to help me. She says i really like the swallows cuz they fly real fast! I guess they are my favourite right now.

The monsters are put away mostly now because i was watching them all the time an they made me real sick from running an jumping all the time. They do not sleep, all they do is run and jump and run and jump, so they made me dizzy. Mom put them away until we can find homes fur them, cuz mom says I come first. I am in heets too so that makes the monsters even scarier! I must go howl a bit so mom knows I am seeking a boyfriend.

=^.^=  Merida


  1. Those little monsters will find good homes soon, little Miss M! And you'll have your mommy and your space all to yourself! ;-)

  2. I am happy now. I have mommy all to myself and the monsters are GONE! MeowMeow!


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