Wednesday, November 20, 2013

No More Monsters

So mommy sent the monsters away. I am glad. I hated them!! They didn't let me sleep, they bugged me when I was eating, they were always having fun I couldn't have, and they were always SO loud! They never listened anyways. Mom would say no and they would still do it, so its better they are gone. I didn't want to get to know them. I am still sure they were NOT kitties.

I have my mommy all to myself now. I am pretending to still be kind of mad at her, MOL. Maybe next time she will think again and again about this time before she brings more of those noisy things home! It has been better for mom too anyways, she doesn't have to do so much anymore. I mean she does much, but the monsters and me and everyone.. it was way too much for her. She was so tired and was forgetting my herbs and vitamins and if or what she gave Star, and did she even take Alastar out to go potty. It was so much and she was just always tired! She is better now. She tries and plays with me, but I am pretending still to be mad a bit, so I sit in front of the catio and watch all the amazing colour birds and the super big puppies outside go by. I watched snow the other day… I don't know if I like it, it kind of makes me dizzy.

I tried to go down the stairs by myself the other day, but the jail was there and then mom caught me and she of course wanted to help me do stairs. Im like MOM why, I can do them. I am a big girl, I watch Knigget and Star do them all the time. So she was pretty mad at me for doing a ninja jump from stair one to stair 4. I tumbled, she caught me. But still, she doesn't believe I can do them myself. Pffft… Yeah ok, so maybe i fall down or run them, but whatever. I am a big girl now, I don't exactly need help.

I have to bug mom to go get my POO Box, er P.O Box. Grandma wants to send me gifts! I love mail so much. Now that mom has no monsters, maybe she can get off her duff and go get me a box so I can get lots and lots of mail to chew on! er.. I mean, to open.. gently… with love.. you know.. kitty style. teehee!


  1. I love you Merida! I'm glad Mommy can slow down a little. Be very careful on those stairs. I know you are a big girl but we all need help sometimes

  2. Big girl or not M... you do as Mommy asks. She's got your best interests at heart and she doesn't ever want you to fall and hurt yourself again. Love you...

  3. Your mommy just wants you to be safe, little girl! You had many boo-boos before your mommy got you, and she's still trying to help you heal from them. No new ones, please!

  4. I been good and listening. It makes stuff no fun tho


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