Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Did you know?

I have been in heats so I have nothing new or eggciting to share so I wanted to do this:

Did You Know?

1) That I weigh 6 pounds
2) I don't need diapers cuz I can make it to the box myself or I tell mommy
3) I am getting better every day
4) I can walk 7 steps alone before I get dizzy
5) I don't fall over all the time, I can catch myself when I am about to fall now
6) I can do three stairs before I get dizzy by myself
7) Mom holds me while I walk
8) I cannot use a walker because I fall and run backwards a lot
9) There are 4 of us pets in the house
10) My dog bruddur looks after me to make sure i don't hurt myself or go places i am not allowed
11) I am actually black an white
12) I get akupunshur every month
13) I love feathers to death. I eet them. NOM NOM
14) I have a sweet, loving, donater who helps out EVERY month for some of my costs for the Dr
15) My K4K blanket my mom bought me, a blanket made by ladies to help raise money for cancer in pets, is my favourite thing in the whole world. ( 
16) I like when mom sings to me
17) I have never eaten store bought food, it smells YUCKY
18) I love to give kisses
19) My whiskers have curls
20) I have to get snuggles from daddy and kiss him goodnite before ill let mom and dad go to sleep


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