Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Progress is progress!

This week has been kind of exciting really! I started a game of hide an seek with mom, so we play every day now MOL. She leaves a room, i hide, an she can't find me. I LUVS IT! She told me to put them on Facebook cuz my followers maybe wanna play too, and they did!

I got to go outside on the deck, but I was scared. I did eat some snow tho, an its not so yummy really.

Mom is proud of me an real excited to see my Dr this week. I can clean my belly, an tail now without leaning against things. I can also move my tail tip too! I have to really think an focus to do it, but I can do it now. Its hard work! I am eating by myself almost all the time too, unless i make myself dizzy before i eat then I need to lean against mom. Mom hasn't told my Dr that I can knead my bed or blanket too. I wanted too all the time, but i couldn't cuz i would fall over all the time. Dr. Marshall is gonna get lots of great mews this week when we see her.

Mom an dad got me a couple mew toys too. I have a mousey that runs away, and a pink feather ball on a string. The feather is soooooooooo long an it dances! I been trying to chase Knigget, but he is too fast. I keep trying though. I figured out if i jump lots, then i can almost catch him. Landing hurts kind of, but i almost catched him! I was told if I am a good girl today that I can have some catnip. Being bad is always funner, but i think i want catnip tonight.


  1. Good Mews, Merida! Lucky lady, my gf wont let our cats have catnip...


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