Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Can't say i'm not trying...

Well mom got a picture of me trying to walk. Can't say I'm not trying right? I practice every day by myself and mom helps me practice too a lot everyday. Now if I could just quit being so darn dizzy, I think i totally GOT THIS!

If you never saw, mom asked my Dr questions that yous guys usually ask, and my Dr answered! Yous guys can see that here: Vet Q&A Mom says she will put it on my site soon enough, she is busy busy right now with me and her appointments too. She got my fundraiser up this week, and is working on a channel for me and so much more. I am pretty sure my mom is magic… There is nothing she doesn't do, and on almost no sleep!

I had my acupuncture and have been getting some headaches, so mom has been giving me medicine for those but i can't take too much or I get nerve pain and it REALLY hurts!! But mommy knows how much to give me to help. I love her! Thanks to a secret furend, I got a new toy.. AND monies to my treatments! Mom put an update in my fundraiser because she found a physiotherapy Dr that will work with me, but mom is straightening things out with her. She said I have CH (cerebellar hypoplasia), and if you know.. my CT scan said NO I don't have it. My brain is 100% fine.

Moms breaking out the NIP!!!! GOTTA GO!!!

xoxo Luvs Merida


  1. a little more practice and you will be purrfect!

  2. Love this page Amber!! This is so great!!! I think you win the Best Mom award!!! <3 You are looking AWESOME Merida!!!

    1. Aww fanks Laura! Mom keeps me looking pawesome!


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