Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Heats suck. Twitter is fun!

I am done my number two heat from this month. This is cat-tastic to me! Stupid heat. I didn't do much, I coo'ed, I sleeped, I followed the dog, bit my dad for attention, just the usual. It's been two days now and no more, yaay!

I have a Drs appointment coming up soon. We get to discuss more about no more heat, we will see what she says. Mom says not to get all excited because it is hard to find someone who would like me as much as mommy and my Dr do. I don't get that, what's not to like?

I have been playing on Twitter, when moms phone works, and with my new toys from when Santa Paws came. Twitter is so fun, theres so many kitties and doggies to talk to on there!! But then, moms phone acts up and I can't see pictures or tweets don't load and then I get bored and go play with my tunnel, or new mouses. You can see my spelling is getting better cuz i tweet lots with a spellcheck! This nice lady got me a rainbow tunnel, and its SO fun cuz you can pounce at Star when she walks by, you can run out and tackle dads feet if he doesn't know you are there, you can pretend there is a mousey invasion and you have to block both ways out so you have to run back and forth to make sure they don't come in! Mom said our living room sometimes looks like a mousey apocalypse when she puts all my toys down.

Been working at walking, but it's kind of making me mad again because I know i wanna go but I am SO dizzy and I just can't even get back up after I am walking. Mom says we need to keep pushing it still and I have learned to trust her. She says my centre gravity is doing good though. Whatever that means.

Mom has been real busy or not feeling well. She has been doing my website, and a few other things she says I can't tell about yet on the computer. Her phone was not letting her save my videos and pictures so she reset it and now she says its still a mess, maybe even more a mess so I can't touch it. I still sneak it into my tunnel and go on twitter, MOL!!


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