Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Milestones are mountains

I haven't been feeling so good, but its ok cuz mom takes good care of me and always makes me feel better. As better as she can. This week even tho i don't feel good its been a week full of grate stuffs!

Mom teached me this week that faces are not fur biting. They are fur kissing. So now I kiss faces, an make sure everyone has a clean face. I cleaned Knigget, mommy, and Alastar this week. We gotta keep a clean house mom says so I do my part an keep myself clean an everyone else i can.

I got a cool mew toy, its a big round thing. It is a grate place to hide an pounce from! Mom putted some toys in there fur me… it was SO fun! Star wanted to come see an so I pounced her. MOL! Its a good toy cuz mom tied it so it doesn't roll away when i try an walk in it. She is so smarty!

I got a very speshul treat the other night. Cuz I am ok being up on high places again, mom putted me on the bed last night an I sleeped on the bed fur the HOLE night!! Ya I know right?! I was curled between mom an dad in moms snuggly hello kitty blanket an we had a good nights sleep. Dads alarm went off, an we all woke up an I looked at mom an told her fank yous an kissed her lots. It was super neat! I didn't even feel dizzy being up high! I hope we can do it again when I am not dizzy, cuz i was like the other kitties for a night an i really liked it.

I had planned to get some head an whisker scratches, sleep a lot, do some walking today… but mom says I haft to haff a bath. I am not happy about this an will continue to protest even the thought. Hrmph!!


  1. Kisses back at you, Merida!

  2. Such a sweetie pie! Glad you're feeling better, Merida!


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