Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cold weather - Snuggles and sleep!

It has been so cold here. Mom has noticed a trend in me, that when it is cold out... I do not feel so good. Mom thinks maybe the outside pressure in the sky has something to do with it. She is a smarty cat! She talked to my Dr and we have found a pill I can maybe try to take the dizzies away if it is from my ears. It may take a bit to work, and it may take a little.. or a lot, we won't know yet. But i can maybe try it next week. I am kind of excited! I have been chasing, well trying to chase, Star lately and I can get SO close if I pounce good enough! She.. doesn't like that idea. But if I could run, I could chase Knigget and meet mom at the door, and so many other things!
I tried some of the other cats kibble food. YUK!

We are still working on my walking, it is good mom says. We are waiting to hear back from the physiotherapy lady, and mom can only do so much because she maybe broked her hip, she won't go to the Drs because then she says she is going to get told to stay in bed and she can't because she has to care for us. See.. THIS is where I get my stubborn from!

I have been sleeping on the bed with mom and dad almost every night! I like to lay between them and stretch out so they almost fall off the bed MOL. It is what we are supposed to do right? In the morning when the alarm goes off at 6, I get excited and scream because we get to go upstairs and that mean FOOD. So i like to try and jump off the bed and run to the door, but mom is super sneaky and always grabs me so i can't jump off the bed, hrmph.

This morning, I wanted food early. So at 4:30 in the morning, I decided to go to the potty and poop, and then go to the other potty and poop some more, then track it around a little so that mom and dad had to get up. So i got to have my breakfast at 5am. NOM NOM!

Look at how good my typing is now? i have been practicing on twitter lots. Not so much this past two days, it has been cold and I have sleeped lots instead.

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  1. Oh, dear, Merida! I hope Mom is doing better. But if she has a broken hip, she must see the doctor, just like you do...You are looking so strong these days! Keep it up! ♥


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