Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The new meds...

Well I have been on my new pill for almost a week now. Mom and my Dr say its good. I don't know how much I can agree! I need to plan a revolt because this is animal abuse. Mom throws pills down my throat! I growl and I tell her, I don't think so.. and she still puts it in my throat. A bit later I get dizzy and tired. How can this be good?!

I do walk more. Mom said I killer her back because she took me walking around fur 20 mins and I was still wanting to walk more. Moms a old person now, geez! I can eat all by myself fur every meal now too, I am a big girl and I don't need moms help at all anymore. I admit, I am lazy and still like to fake I can't get up. It gets me time with mom, plus I get anywhere I wanna go faster than the other cats :P to them! Mom picks me up and away I go. Its much easier than actually walking. I think I have trained her well.

I got some great stuff off my wishlist too! Catnip banana is THE COOLEST TOY, well right now. I still love my tunnel and squeaky squirrel, he never seems to die no matter how much I kill him. I have some great furends! Chester tests toys fur me and then sends me only the good ones, he is so great! Mom got the book she keeps forgetting to get too, now she can continue to help other kitties. Sometimes her brain just isn't all there and she forgets if she hasn't dealt with an illness what the herb is for kitties. She says sometimes coffee isn't enough and a great book is still the key!


  1. I know what you mean, my kitty doesn't like pills either. Glad you love your new toys.


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