Thursday, February 20, 2014

Weather Affected Days...

No, mom didn't go to the Dr. She is stubborn and rested instead and said thats what they would say to do and just give her stupid pills that wouldn't fix the problem.

Mom and I both been so tired! We couldn't find why, until mom noticed that it happened on snowy days, or days when the temperature changed really fast! It is a thing called barometric pressure (thank goodness fur spellcheck and fix) MOL! When the pressure falls or goes high really quick, we get tired and wobbly. So now mom knows when it will happen if she checks the weather and she can get ready.

**** THE BIG MEWS ****

I saw my Dr today, and they took my blood. It hurt so I had to growl, last time they did it in my front paw and I like that better, i don't like when i can't see it! So I growled, but my Drs helper, Janelle, was petting me and telling me it was gonna be ok, and … she was right. But alcohol tastes icky on my blood needle boo boo. YUCK!! I walked around the office while we waited fur my blood to come back, and…

ITS GOOD!! I am healthy healthy! Which means I can start my new medsin now! So mom gave me some. We don't know how long it will take, and we really don't know how good it will do fur me, but it is going to be a good try. The hope is that it will make me not dizzy, and the besets hope is that with no dizzies, I can walk more or walk all by myself forever! I hate pills, but I guess its worth trying if mom and my Dr think it's good. I have come to trust what they say now, if they say its good or its going to make me better, then I give in and do it. Well…MOST times.

Wish me luck!!

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