Thursday, March 6, 2014

Snowy, cold, March

Watching my brudder outside, wishing I was out there.
I missed diary yesterday because it was SNOWING! Snow in March! The birds were singing so loud, but mom and I didn't feel very good. Mom and dad both have a bad cold too. All of us pets curled up and slept the day away! Hopefully there is no more snow and I can go outside soon. Mom told me her and auntie Linda are trying to come up with new designs so I can play outside at our new rental place here. Right now there is no place safe fur me to be outside where I couldn't get sick or really hurt myself.

I like my new meds. I get chicken paste to eat them with now! Its super yummy! I actually feel good now too when they kick in. I can eat all by myself now without ANY help for my whole meals. Mommy had to change them back to 4 times a day because I was getting acid again and puking after I would eat. Mom always knows how to fix things! I enjoy walking a bit more now, I can do more steps when mom isn't looking. I am SO much more sneaky now, I can get from one end of the house to the other without making any falling sounds! Mom wonders how I do it, but I won't tell!

I had a bad few days last week, my ears were hurting and had fluid in them. Mommy called my Doctor and Doctor Jen didn't know what was wrong. She and mom call me their enigma fur a reason she says. But she gives mom some medicine just in case I was really sick. I never got real sick though, when the cold went away, so did my ear fluid. Then I played with banana, and squirrel, and moms feet! MOL!


  1. You are such a sweetheart, M. Ask your Mommy to give you an extra snuggly hug and kiss from me, please. <3

  2. Merida we love watching your progress and you are an inspiration to all!


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