Monday, February 9, 2015

Maybe gettin better?

As you know, mommys ENT guy figured out her dizzy issue, an that just might be mine too! I have all the same problems and problem areas. So mommy and Dr.Marshall have put together a health plan fur me to see if it gets me better because tests say I am all healthy and fine. It might be my sternomastoid muscle (mom had to type that fur me) that goes into my ear.

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So this muscle in people sends stuff to the brain about where your head is off the floor and how far the floor is to you. It sends the wrong stuff to mommys brain and so she when moves her brain thinks she didn't stop moving or that she is too far right or left and makes her body move to fix it. That is what happens to me too! So we are trying the treatment fur this on me an so far it is going good. I don't fall over when I look up now, and i can walk when mom walks me for longer without gettin dizzy and trying to fall over!
We will keep everyone posted as we keep going, but my treatments have gone from 1 time a month to 2 times now and each visit is $154 (you can see my bills on my facebook pictures) so we are asking fur donations of any amount of course to try and help me get better to hopefully help other wobbly kitties get better in the future. If you can donate Paypal to or share my story, tweets, diaree, or facebook. Even sharing is caring!

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