Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A good week

some couch time
I cant believe its been a whole week already! wow!
First i wanna send kisses and birthday wishes to someone very important, she knows who she is. xox

Me and Star seed my vet on Monday. Stars kidneys and bladder got better but her calcium has not changed, but it can be 6 months fur that to happen. I am doing super good too. My muscles were so jelloy only my left hip was bugging me. Dr. Marshall said thats so good. The stuff mom is giving me again is working good with assisiloop and so i been practicing my walking too. I dont even need mom almost now, i can do everything alone again 100%.

You probably saw me eating live a couple times. I didnt even know mom had the camera on until i was half done! She can be silly but she said everyone loves me and liked watching so we should do it more. I have to say if you seed my lunch time live video, i kind of like watching myself too!! MOL

I been watching cartoons lots too while mom cleans or cooks. But its been a pretty boring week with rain and stuffs.


  1. Well nothing but good news I'm soo happy for you Merida!! oxo What cartoons have you been watching anyway?? Keep up the good work! oxo

  2. Sounds like a great week!!! I love your live videos. It can be kind of boring when it rains a lot. We had a lot of rain last week. I'm glad the Olymoocs were on to keep things exciting. Watching cartoons sounds fun!!! Love you bunches.

  3. Glad to see you are writing in your diary again!

    1. Aww thank yous! I am glad everyone likes to read it. Not many kitties would put their diary out fur everyone to read 😽


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