Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Start of summer 2019 update

taking some selfies
Its been a long long time! I get my diaree back though now mom said. Booster wants one of his own too but I told him he cant cuz its just a Merida thing. Heehee!

I have been going outside now and playing when its not too hot, and I saw my vet the other day and she said I am doing so good. They even taked my blood from me! They can be vampries sometimes. I learned all about vampires when mommy and me had all of our long down time. We watched vampire shows and movies and she told me all about them, I just never knew my vet was a vampire!!! i remember she stoled my blood a few times before! So this time fur my blood taking I wasn't having it! I fighted, but they won this time...

Oh and mom says I cannot snap cat. But I told her that everyone has the snap cat and I should too! We should bug her about this and maybe then I can one day have the snap cat app too! (oops mom says its snap chat. I like snap cat better!)

Now its time fur a afternoon catnap, but I wanted to write a diaree to get started on working on my spelling and stuff again. It has just been so long!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Been a while

sitting & standing
Things have been good but not so good here. Moms is having lots of healing crisis go on. (its where you feel like you have a bad flu, but you dont) She is healing up though! We had a death in the family, and our furnace broke where we rent too. So there has been lots going on so I have not been on so much.

I saw my vet a few times since we been on too, and she says I am doing really good. I practice my standing lots at home, a bit of walking practice too. Not in my walker, i still hate that thing. I still do my loopy too. My flexors are getting a bit better too, so I can look up sometimes now. Massages are helping them go away a little bit. If you remember we had them all gone until Sept when I met a new person and backtracked on all the good stuff I was doing. I am full of poop again, so mom and Dr Marshall are working on fixing it for me again. You arent missing anything lately cuz our winters are so cold and with lots of pressure making my ears do weird stuff, so most days I am too dizzy from my ear fluid stuffs to do too much.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Another year

I know mom said that Mew Years is still a bit away, but I have been so busy and not on much to do my diary and so I wanted to see where I have come this year. I know how it has been real up and down and that is from post concussion we are pretty sure. If I get over stimulated or over tired then I don't heal and go backwards.

This year we had too much stress and loud sounds at the condo where we lived before. Mom had asked the lady doing renovations if we could get some notice so we could plan fur a hotel or a safe place for us kids and the lady did not listen. So we were all so stressed out and all got sick from it. I was doing real good and then not so good cuz of the renovations with all the loud noises and it was scary cuz we all had no safe place to hide. So mom and dad tried and tried to move us away from it. It took too long and Knigget got too sick from the stress. He moved with us, but only lived a month after. We miss him lots here.

So this year I could not do anything until after we moved. We are not connected to anyone now, its still not our house but, we can do a bit more on our own time when we need too. Like get really nice quit naps and not get woken up and startled most times. So I started healing again and I am doing so good now! So here is what I can do by myself now:

  • get to a sit position and start eating my wet food by myself
  • eat my entire dishes of food by myself almost all the time
  • walk three steps by myself without leaning or help
  • stand for 7 minutes by myself leaning against something
  • stand for almost a full minute by myself not leaning against something
  • pounce and land on my feet and stay sitting
  • execute a full cat stretch
Medical stuffs of how I am doing:

  • I have full muscles in my hips and legs that a normal kitty would have
  • my post concussion seems almost all gone, I can focus now
  • my flexors we gone until I met a new person and she went a bit overboard on the luvs
  • better balance
  • less sway and wobbles and eye jitters
  • my muscles are not too tight as much and my bones stay in place
  • I can walk using my paws properly now, i used to criss cross my fronts and keep my back together
  • i can support my whole body weight with my legs, 9.2 lbs
  • way less inflammation now
  • my poops are getting better (my muscles and nerves used to cause me probs with it moving) I had so many enemas and nothing would fix the problem but mom and Dr.Marshall got it all figured out fur me
  • less ear fluid cuz mom and Dr.Marshall figured it all out and how to fix it (lymphatic stuff)
Medically I am still dizzy and healing. That is from my neck, ear muscles, and nerves in there causing fake messages and telling lies to my brain. Time and treatment will get that sorted out though. Its called sternomastoid syndrome.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Vet update

So this is what my vet had to say fur today:

I am doing real good and have to keep practicing my walking. My muscles feel real good all over. I only had a small spasm near my bum MOL! 

I have been getting a massage at home two times a week and we do loopy almost every day right now. I still sometimes have constipation, but mom says i am hard to balance sometimes. And i am only eating 3 times a day now instead of 4, cuz im not always hungry like before. But i am absorbing my water like a big girl now. Before my water was kind of useless. 

The good mews is that i can get up and eat my home cooked wet foods now all by myself. I hardly need moms help now. Sometimes i get dizzy at the end and she spoons it to me so i dont have to keep bending my neck down. My ear fluid is back and forth still but mom figured out how to get rid of it almost all the time now. 

I been practicing my walking and standing. I standed two times last night for almost a full minute! But then mom took out the camera so i stopped. Then i faked i could not walk and stuff so mom carried me to the couch with her where I got to sit with her and watch a movie! MOL

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Regular update!

This week has been full of interesting stuff. I got to see my vet and she fixed me up more after the crazy stuff that happened to me just from getting pets from a new person. She figured out my ear fluid too! My lymph system is backed up from my muscles. So its nothing serious or dangerous. Purr-ah! 

Mom gived me a special place on the couch top i can see out our big window and watch BIRDIES! I can sit there like a big girl with mom beside me all by myself fur a really long time. Mom was amewsed. 

We did loopy and massage today. Mom even did the touches to drain my lymph stuff. It makes me a bit dizzy cuz the fluid is gone and then my brain goes AHHHH CANT FIND CENTER!! So i get dizzy fur a bit and my brain gets more normal thinking. Its hard to explain fur me. Mom explains it better. "Once the fluid has drained, her brain recieves the message that she is not being weighed down or pulled to one side and it has to try and realign her balance of what it thinks normal is. Part of her issue is that her brain to balance messages are being miscommunicated from the nerves and muscles" 

Yeah what mom said. MOL!! I just know i feel better after a bit and mom took me walking fur as much as she could and she says it was REALLY REALLY good walking! Straight and not much sways. 

I see a mousey staring at me. I should go beat him up. It feels like playtime! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

not feeling so goods

I have not been feeling so good since tuesday afternoon. So Alastar has been looking after me. I puked 3 times this morning. I am so super dizzy my body is moving an now I got the constipations again too. Mom is trying hard. I see my vet next week and mom is gonna call her tomorrow too when she is back in the office. (She was gone fur a week)

Not much to write right now. I am gonna go have more naps. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Vets and more

hanging with my sister
I saw my vet the other day. Dr. Marshall is so pawesome! She fixed me all up real good. Her and mommy talked about a MRI thingy to do on me so we can maybe see why I have ear fluid going on, and why it gets bigger and smaller when I move and stuffs. So they are gonna talk more about it. But see the more water I drink then the more ear fluids I get behind my ears. The more ear fluids I have then the more dizzy and icky I feel. SO mom and Dr.Marshall wanna get to the bottom of it if they can decide ill be ok doing it. I think ill be ok to do it.

i saw a bird!
Mom wants to work on my calendar but she is still having problems so we have to wait she says. I am excited because she takes such good pics of me and I dont get to see them so when we do my calendar and I help I get to see all of them! I choosed some last time fur my last calendar. I wanna do it but we have to wait until mom is not so dizzy and in pains first. Hope that is soon cuz I miss helping mom in the house and stuff.

I am practising my walking lots and getting play time in by myself. Sometimes i like to play by myself anyways. And you all helped me to get my smile back after that person posted the comment about me. So thank yous all fur that! Back to moving on and furgetting about what bad things people can say about me. I am a cool cat and we all know it! MOL

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